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10:42pm 17/11/2010
  HEY!! thought you will like to know that Candi_Cruz its now live on dirtystage watch it now.. don miss it!  
Cheese Making Through the Ages  
05:56pm 05/06/2008

The many different types of cheeses available mean there is something to suit every taste. It is generally believed that cheese was first made in the Middle East. Legend has it that a nomadic Arab made cheese by accident when a saddlebag filled with milk fermented due to the hot sun and the galloping movement of his horse.

Early cheeses were not the solid products we eat today. They were simple curds and whey, like what Little Miss Muffet ate. The curd is the solid part while the whey is liquid.

Workmen making cheese are depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics. In ancient times, the whey was eaten immediately while the curd was salted or dried for preservation. The Roman Legion helped spread the art of cheesemaking throughout Europe and England. The monasteries and feudal estates of Europe made great improvements in cheesemaking during the Middle Ages. Many of the classic varieties of cheese enjoyed today were developed by monks. During the Renaissance, cheese decreased in popularity because it was considered unhealthy. By the nineteenth century, sentiment had changed and cheese production moved from farms to factories. No one involved in the early history of cheese could have imagined that today people would buy cheese online.

While most cheeses are mass produced today, some artisanal cheeses are still made by hand using old-fashioned techniques. When you buy cheese online, it is possible to deal directly with the people who make the cheese.

How cheese is made today

Cheese can be made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep and even buffaloes. The basic principle involved in making natural cheese is to curdle the milk so it forms into curds and whey. Contemporary cheesemaking methods stimulate the curdling process by using a starter, which is a bacterial culture that produces lactic acid, and rennet, a coagulating enzyme to speed up the separation of liquids and solids. Different bacterial cultures are used depending on the type of cheese being made.

The least sophisticated types of cheese for sale are the fresh, unripened varieties like cottage cheese. These are made by warming milk and letting it stand, treating it with a lactic starter to help the acid development and then draining the whey. The cheese is eaten fresh. This is the simplest form of cheese.

For more complex cheeses, bacterial cultures are used to lower the pH or acidify the cheese. It is important to make sure the right amount of acid is produced or the cheese's texture will be poor. At this point, the cheese will begin to coagulate and form curds and whey. The process is enhanced by adding rennet.

The curd is then heated and cut, allowing whey to escape. The curd hardens before it is salted, shaped and pressed. Depending on the variety, the cheese will then be aged or ripened for different amounts of time. Bacteria are still growing in the cheese, resulting in flavor and texture changes.

Cheese rinds are formed during the ripening process, often naturally. The rind's main function is protecting the interior of the cheese while allowing it to ripen harmoniously. Its presence does affect the final flavor of the cheese. Every variety of cheese for sale has gotten to market after being made through some variation of this process.

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Coffee Benefits - Is Coffee Better Than Tea?  
04:11pm 05/06/2008

Would you like to have tea or coffee? Just what are the specific coffee benefits? You must have heard this offer of choice a thousand times. Be it guests at your house or while visiting someone or from the airhostess in the flight. The general idea in many countries continues to be that tea and coffee are two beverages which have equal importance. However, this is not 100% true. There is a huge divided lobby on this opinion. Many people opine that tea is definitely more popular than coffee as it has medicinal properties and is good for health. Coffee on the other hand is more popular in the workplace. The debate continues on which is more popular.

There are however, some distinct pros and cons of both beverages. Let's talk about the benefit of tea. As we all know tea was discovered by the Chinese and scientific research has proven than it has very good medicinal properties which can help fight fatigue. Tea is more popular in Asia and Europe where tea drinking is considered to be a proper social function.

Coffee on the other hand gives an instant 'fix' and helps people be alert and ward off sleepiness when at work thanks to the caffeine content in the drink. The health conscience coffee drinker tends to opt for decaffeinated coffee and thus gets the flavour without the caffeine. Coffee is very popular in the United States and is also an international drink which is appreciated the world over. These are the coffee benefits present in every cup!

It is very difficult to determine which beverage garners more votes with a global audience since each drink has its own fiercely loyal fan following.

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Fucking page. Air Force One
10:29pm 11/01/2008
  Ответы на каждый из этих вопросов (как, впрочем, и на большинство подобных им) сообщают нам, зависит ли реакция данного лица от окружающих, или же человек способен действовать, исходя из собственных потребностей и склонностей. И то, и другое может привести к нарушениям народная медицина , эстетическая , медицина журналы , здравохранение реферат заболевание , грибковые заболевания , заболевания половым путем , симптомы болезни заболевания передающиеся женские заболевания заболевания диета заболевания детей заболевания сердца причины заболеваний заболевания глаз вирусные заболевания индивидуального ощущения власти, если из значительных интеракций с важными лицами в процессе социализации (родителями, братьями и сестрами, учителями и т. д.) были сделаны неверные выводы.  
Hello, i'm a newbie! = ) 
01:05pm 29/10/2006
mood: relaxed
I'm a 32 y.o. data analyst interested in making friends locally in Atlanta and online. So if you know how to keep things real, i look foward to getting to know you on a genuine level. I also enjoy reading well-written, engaging blogs so if you have one or know of a good one let me know. Thank you to the moderator for setting up this community! = )

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11:06pm 24/10/2006
My name is Tanya. I recently joined the community.
I have a story that's going to unravel soon, but check my journal:
There's a question that i would like people to answer.
Believe me, I am very aware of the community name, that's why I am posting it here.
06:46pm 31/07/2006

08:25pm 06/06/2006
mood: calm
Hey everyone, I'm new here. Looking to meet some cool new friends. I love reading, writing, playing with my animals, getting tattoos and piercings. I currently have 7 tats and 4 piercings. You can check out my pics in my scrapbook. Thanks:)
12:41pm 18/05/2006

A B O U T  M E
♥I love animals
♥I update/comment alot
♥I like reading others LJ
♥I love the OC
♥I love my boyfriend Tim
♥I love my kitties
♥I love Starburst and Skittles
♥I love Ice Cream
♥I love making new friends

D O  N O T  A D D  M E
♥Just to add another name to your friends list
♥If we dont have anything in common
♥If you dont update a lot
♥If you dont plan on getting to know me

A D D  M E
♥Please leave me a comment if you add me !

05:37pm 24/04/2006
01:02pm 03/03/2006
  Hi. I'm new (so much for the original part of this posting...).
I may not be an American girl (as said in the user info) but I hope this does not disqualify me ;) This place looks very promising...
Our govenment 
02:48pm 21/11/2005
mood: aggravated
Our government is going to pass a bill that states a girl can't have an abortion without permission of the person who inpregnated (sp?) her.

I'm trying to start a group that petitions and protests against this bill. If you have any ideas or you want to be a part of it.
Please let me know at my journal or email me @ pirategrl1456@yahoo.com

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hi i'm new to livejournal 
11:37pm 26/09/2005
mood: angry
I'd like to think i kick ass. I wanna kick someone's ass at the moment too. If you go and read my 2 (TWO) most recent entries on my own journal you'll see why i wanna kick someone's ass.
01:30pm 02/09/2005
mood: exhausted
Hey I'm new
Name: Maddie
Home: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Age: 16
fav bands: FOB, MCR, The Eyeliners, Mavis Staples, Etta James, Anything Motown, Bloc Party, The Academy Is..., Gym Class Hereos, Spill Canvas, and many more

Fav movie: At the moment Iron Jawed Angels. True piece of art and facts

Things that piss me off: boys who are ignorant (sp?), People who think it's ok sleep around with someone when they're dating someone else. Oh and anyone who thinks that they have control over my body.
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03:46pm 04/07/2005
  hi kick ass girls!
I just joined and i only want to say hi and keep kicking ass!
-xxxx- Anna
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12:17pm 04/05/2005


Location: Maryland

This girl's profile

Music...The Killers, Bloc Party, Jay-Z, Linkin Park...too many

Movies: The Notbook, Maria Full of Grace, Napolean Dynamite...etc

Read, write, obsessed with my computer, Harry Potter, The O.C., One Tree Hill,...

I'm really nice, funny, random, giddy, comment whore!
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04:10pm 20/04/2005
mood: lalalalalalalalalalalal
Name: Tina
Age: 18
Location: New York

A little about me i love all kinds of music without music i would die my fav cd right now is aslyn_lemon love im looking to make some friends i dont have many girlfriends so if u wanna be friends add me and ill add u back tata.
hey i'm karen 
06:37pm 15/02/2005
mood: relaxed
i'm karen
i'm 16 years old
i live in la,cali
i love 2 the movies, go shopping, hang out with friends, and boys
i need some friends
so add me
i'll add u right back
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04:51pm 29/01/2005
  hey everyone my name is jessie and i'm 17. i live in michigan and i was just searching for a community where i could make some new friends:)  
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12:05pm 13/09/2004
  join http://www.livejournal.com/community/ima_barbiegirl