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girlskickass's Journal

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All American Gurl
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Are you a girl?
Do you kick ass?
then you HAVE to join!! :]

girlskickass is a place where girls can be girls. Kick off your shoes and act like your at home. Bitch, Cry, Whine, Gossip, Joke, whatever. We all need those special *girly* friends, and this is just the place to make great friends!!

Post your daily tales, your favorite memories, your most embarassing moments, your favorite song lyrics, your poems, post your pictures, your artwork, anything and everything that you want to! This Community is for everything gurly! Lets make it the bestest!! :]

horrorwrestling, Holly = I'm the maintainer. You may leave your comments in my journal, catch me on AIM: CherryGoesPop, or email me at cherrygoespop@aol.com if you have any questions, or even if you just need someone to talk to! I'm always here! :]

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